Blood Banks
The extensive experience that Frost Environmental has in the blood bank industry originates from successful projects completed with substantial clients such as the American Red Cross as well as independent blood banks. We can offer redundant systems, built in backup controls, remote monitoring, as well as documentation that allows Frost Environmental Rooms to serve as your blood storage source from design to completion.
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Forensic Facility
Frost offers progressive industry services for forensic facility design with rooms for cadaver, evidence, and DNA storage. Because security and documentation has become essential within the industry, Frost can offer backup systems, documentation, and remote room management in order to maintain and control these vital elements.
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Research Facility / Universities
Since our inception, research facilities and universities have been the cornerstone of Frost Environmental Rooms’ business. We can offer an extensive range of rooms for all of your research needs including freezers, cold rooms, crystal growth, warm rooms, and stability chambers.
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Pharmaceutical Facility
Frost’s comprehensive experience with the demanding requirements for the pharmaceutical industry include managing strict temperature and humidity control, documentation, as well as clean environments. Frost will work in partnership with the client to assure that the exact needs of any facility are met.
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Agricultural Facility
With the agricultural industry making advancements towards state-of-the-art development to secure higher yields, Frost has advanced in designing rooms specifically for this purpose. Frost has widespread knowledge and experience with the design and operation features necessary to maintain precise temperature and humidity control for large chamber units in order to give our clients the capability to produce the best products possible.
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Product Spotlight

Global Touchscreen Controllers

Global Touch and FS3000 controllers are the most advanced technology available.